BIO straws

An eye-catcher – not just for tree-huggers.

EU plastic ban – what now? Are there alternatives to plastic straws? Yes, there are: real STRAWS!

Our BIO straws are purely organic and natural products that grow on our sustainably managed fields. After use, BIO straws are reintroduced into the natural cycle without any residues.

BIO straws are a regional and sustainable product. They help preserve our resources and reduce our landfill waste. And they are real eye-catchers on every cocktail – you immediately have something to talk about with your guests.



The philosophy

behind the product

What would a cocktail be without a drinking straw? But it does not have to be made of plastic – there are more sensible and, above all, more sustainable alternatives.

Already as a child, I was fascinated by the idea of BIO straws. As a little boy, I used to join my parents during the harvest on the field. We children used the cut straws as toys, but also for drinking, of course.

For 7 years now, I have pursued the idea of natural straws intensively and also commercially. As a farmer, father and ecologically minded person, the idea of turning a waste product of nature into a useful object of everyday life fascinates me more and more. The commercial production and marketing represented the next step. Due to the EU plastic ban, we can expect an even greater demand in future, which we will certainly be able to handle.

The straw

Harvest & production

We grow selected grain varieties on our sustainably managed fields. Thanks to their thick and firm stalk, old rye varieties are especially suited for sipping lemonade.

It’s hard to believe, but the manufacture of this BIO product is very time consuming. A modified reaper-binder, the predecessor of the well-known combine harvester, is used for harvesting the straw stalks. The straw is carefully placed in crates as a bent stalk cannot be used as BIO straw. The sorting and cutting is mostly done manually on our farm. During peak times, we cooperate with integrative workshops to assist us with this manual labour.

To guarantee hygienic safety and suitability for use with food, the production process of the bio straws also includes cleaning and drying of the stalks. Together with the Wels University of Applied Sciences, we have developed an appropriate method that is purely based on steam and works without any chemical additives. All our BIO straws fulfil the directives for foodstuffs and are absolutely sterile.

The product

in all its facets

The BIO straws are available from 80 pieces per box and are packed in convenient, stackable and reusable cardboard boxes. They can be ordered in different lengths from 15 to 30 cm.

Our BIO straws are genuine straw stalks and cannot be compared with PLA straws, which are straws made from so-called BIO plastic. Our BIO straws will decompose after less than half a year, whereas this process takes years for ecological plastic materials.

And: You can only enjoy a natural drinking experience with our BIO straws!

With customized laser print for your ADVERTISEMENT – possible from as little as 80 pieces.

We can customize all our BIO straws, whether you order large volumes or small quantities for your birthday party. We use a laser printer to guarantee a very fine print. The end product does not contain any foreign substances. Sustainability is our top goal also for the print.

A useful AND ecological promotional gift!

About us

life with and in nature

For many years, I have worked as a passionate farmer, and I live with my children, my partner Sabrina and my animals on our farm in harmony with nature. To make sure that it stays like this, I always think about our future and try to earn our living not only with ecologically sound, but also with reusable products, such as our BIO straws.

The raw material for our BIO straws grows exclusively on our fields in the Austrian Alpine Foreland or the Salzkammergut. During the harvesting season and production, I hire harvesters for help. You can learn more about our life on the farm HERE.


satisfied across Europe

Visit our Online-SHOP where you can order our BIO straws for your private requirements conveniently and easily. But also restaurants and commercial customers prefer ordering from the manufacturer directly. If you require bulk quantities of our BIO straws or if you are a reseller please contact us HERE to find out about special prices.

  • Private customers

    The straws are perfect for your garden party, birthday celebration or wedding.

  • Gastronomy

    In your restaurant, the straws are TRUE eye-catchers, be it for lemonade, cocktails or iced coffee.

  • Nightclub

    For a stylish presence in every hip bar, this environmentally friendly straw is a must.

  • Reseller

    The demand for STRAW stalks is growing. Resellers can order the straws in bulk quantities.


Reports from newspapers & TV

Our BIO straws have always been a popular topic for discussions in the region. Here you can read that I had pursued my idea long before the EU put a ban on plastics and that today, we are on the right track.


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